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Bus. Communication
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What is really Business Ethics? How does it relate with Real Estate?
As adults we go thru life with our values and take them to the company we work for. At work we incorporate our values and rules, weather is right or wrong, and we find how to use them for our self-interest.
Ethics is all about making choices that may not always feels good but is the right decision that makes us feel good in the long term and makes us a better person. Business ethics is basically the same concept as ethics is just how we make our choice at work and in business. Whether you are a CEO or a park cleaner, ethics is everywhere and its part of who we are and how we behave towards people. Real Estate is one of the industries that I am really excited to work in, it also one of the biggest industries that are the least trusted because of all the unethical behaviors brokers and agents do, in their daily work with their buyers and sellers. Not all brokers and agents make or do unethical ethical things, but there’s a big part them that make unethical decision because of theirs interest. The industry of real estate is one of those business that you become your own boss and because that their ethical values may or may not be used correctly because of all the freedom these agents.
Business Ethics
Business ethics is the study of standards of business behaviors which promotes human welfare and the good, but is business behavior that is basically the concern of business concern. How we behave the standards by which we engrave our behaviors determines what we do day to day at work. Business ethics is also is about relationship, is about how we treat each other, even those we don’t know.
At any point in life, we might experience an ethical issue. Business Ethics have become more and more of an important issue over the years. After many firms failed because of accounting fraud and pollution, other firms can see when a business acts ethically it will perform better. For instant a large food chain company is changing their paper bags to 100% recycle paper bags, will have a positive impact on the public. If the people are happy with the company, more time or not the stock’s price will increase. Making the business more and more reputable. Another example is a company that was audited was discover how the accounting were over stated the revenue of last year. This company had to decreases their stocks prices because they had giving a bad name to the company, because of their deceit. These are only a few of examples of how business ethics come into place in the workplace.
Business ethics reflect on the philosophy of business, one who aims to the purpose of the company objectives. Business Ethics is formed of many diverse topics that relate with ones morals values and beliefs that we bring to the workplace. In many company theirs a code of ethics witch are rules that meat to be follow by the employees, every often these rules are not follow and many employees will follow them differently, which can create a ethically dilemma in the workplace.
Breaking down Business Ethics
As mentioned earlier, business ethics is describes as the business behavior that we do in our daily life at work and how we make our decision based on our values and our self-interest. Business ethics is beyond much more and diverse of what ethics is in business really stands, ethics can be any act or behavior we do in the workplace. There’s so voluminous of ethical and unethical behavior that occurs in the work place. These are a few of responsibility and issues that contribute with business ethics and in my future career. * Company Reputation: define the whole image company of what they are supposed to do ethically and sometimes the company might want to save money or keep some money for themselves that might ruin the company reputation causing them to have a bad name to their company. * Customer Satisfaction: generally is