Age Discrimination Research Paper

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Discrimination is an ethical issue that I believe would have an ethical component. In the United States, discrimination against people based on their ethnicity, racial or cultural orientation is strictly forbidden under federal and state laws in all sectors. Age discrimination is just one of many discriminatory issues. Back in 2011, my mother was laid off with Sun Times Media. My mother has over 26 years of experience in the newspaper industry and was high ranked in her company. However, the time came she was left looking for a new job. It took her almost a year to find a new job and she ended up having to take a 50 percent pay cut. Although she had 26 years of sales, customer service, and managerial skills, she was still looked down upon by several employers. A lot of employers have stereotypes towards older workers, and believe that they may be inflexible or resistant to change. They feel that they may also lack technology usage. Yes, some older workers are like that, but remember this: Some younger workers are like that, too. Laws are in place to prevent age discrimination. Frankly, they don’t do the job very well. When it comes to age, there are too many ways to discriminate with great subtlety, making detection, let alone prosecution, enormously difficult. Some common examples of age discrimination in the workplace include employers laying off mostly older employees, and keeping a lot of the younger ones with less experience, the older employees start receiving bad job evaluations for not being "adaptable" to new work tasks, or the company states they want a fresh new look. “To help build workforces that reflect their customer base, many