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Introduction to Business Ethics and Social Responsibility chapter 1
 What is business ethics?
 What is social responsibility?
 Ethics versus the law

Chapter 1
the collection of private, commercially oriented organization, ranging in size from one person proprietorship, to corporate giants such as Nortel coca cola, pepsi etc.
A community, a nation or a broad grouping of people having common traditions, value, institutions, and collective activities and interests. As such, when we speak of business/society relationship, we may in fact mean business and local community, business and Canada as a whole, or business and a specific group of people.
Macro environment: environment outside the firm
Socio environment: focuses on demographics, lifestyles and social values of society.
The economic envir: focuses of the nature and direction of the economy in which business operates, Variables of interest might include such indices as gross national product, inflation, interest rates, unemployment rates, foreign-exchange, global trade etc.
Technological environment: The total set of technology based advancements or progress taking place in society. Pertinent aspects of this segment include new products, materials as well as states of knowledge and scientific advancement in both theoretical and applied senses.
Pluralism: Condition in which there is a diffusion of power among the society’s many group and organizations. “Wide decentralization and diversity of power concentration”, this means that the power is dispersed and that it is not in the hands of any single institution (such as business, govt, labour or military) * One can argue that pluralistic society has become a special interest society, where we have carried the idea of pluralism to an extreme in which we have literally tens of thousands of special interest groups, each pursuing its own limited agenda general purpose interest organizations, such as democracy watch and the council of Canadians, still exist…
Affluence: refers to the level of wealth, disposable income, and standard of living of the society.
Revolution of rising expectations: an attitude or a belief that each succeeding generations ought to have a