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The Harvard MBA Oath

MBA oath is a voluntary promise which students plays a leading role in and requires MBA graduates to be commitment to create values "responsibly and ethically.” By January 2010, the initiative is launched by joint MBA students independently, including nearly 2000 students and alumni signers of more than 500 MBA programs all over the world (Anderson & Escher, 2010). Business ethics and social responsibility problems which are caused by the global financial crisis prompted the launch of the MBA oath. The MBA oat includes being against unfair commercial competition behavior, improving personal values, ensuring enterprises′ reports accurate and honest, and establishing the sustainable development and the prosperity of inclusiveness. The purpose is to lead people and manage resources in order to create values for society (Anderson, 2009).

Business ethics

Business ethics refers to the application of individual ethics in specific business situation and commercial activities. A moral enterprise shall pay attention to the human nature, not make confliction and friction with society, and take measures that are beneficial to society positively.(Jennings, 2012).

Advantages of ethical business

There are advantages of business ethics can be considered:
Improving employees’ satisfaction is a one of most important key element of improving financial performance. Employees′ satisfaction is based on the fair management decisions. Fairness belongs to one standard of enterprise moral value. “ Ethical values would suggest something much more than a legal minimum.” (Holme, 2008) In addition, managers need to consider the opinions of the staff and ensure employees know all information that they need when they work .The target of doing a good job by staff can be achieved by the managers’ reasonable distribution of employees’ work target and workload .As a business leader, leadership behavior has a great influence on the society. The effect can be good or bad. A code of conduct should be built. Translating business ethics value into reasonable management behavior is a reasonable way of resolving conflicts. Different management style can cause different results of satisfaction and frustration for employees.

For my personal statement, I considered that enterprises should create values for society, instead of destroying or stealing short-term gains. Also, the enterprise’s leaders should declare what is acceptable way of doing business and what is not acceptable.