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Introduction 3

Part -1 3

• Ethics of rights and justice

Part - 2 4

• Ethics education and training

• Ethics Mangers, officers and committees

Part -3 5

Conclusion 6

Brief group work report 7

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This case is dealing with mental and physical harassment of workers at Active which is a part of EKIN, a multi- national company that sells sports apparel . The company was facing accusations regarding working condition in its supply chain from NGOs .Also according to media interviews with workers of Active factories, acquired by EKIN four years ago, based in South East Asia have had number of issues of harassment with workers. This report sets out ethical issues and recommendation to address the issues raised in the media report.

Part- 1

The main ethical issues in this case are that the supervisors and managers of Active has been misbehaving towards their workers. A large number of incidents were found of workers being physically and mentally abused. Complaints have been made by several workers accusing them of verbal and physical abuse, local NGOs have confirmed that the complaints are genuine. Harassment at work is a serious offence, it was not just a single case but several complaints were made. Every human being has set of fundamental rights but supervisor and managers of Active have breached them by distressing workers mentally and physically. It can have a significant effect on the physical and mental health of the workforce as it can be a major cause or work related stress (Bland, 2001).

Ethics of rights and justice:

Theory :- The issue in the case study is indeed an ethical issue according to rights and justice theory, the rights set forth by society have the highest preference, these rights are considered to be valid and ethical correct as the majority of the population agrees with them. No harm should befall people’s liberty, health, possessions and life. People should be treated fairly and equally(andrew crane, 2010).

Application :- In this case workers are being physically and mentally abused by the supervisors and managers, their harassment towards the workers falls under intolerance. Everyone has equal rights, this can damage a person’s dignity, make them feel unsafe and uncomfortable and hinder them to perform up to their full potential and it is against the law. Individuals have rights that cannot be sacrificed merely for a net increase in the collective good. According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) stress at work can be triggered or made worse where ‘there is prolonged conflict between individuals, including harassment or where staff are treated with contempt or indifference’, this can have a staggering effect on the company (stewart, 2011). In addition to the effects on individual workers, harassment can also have a major effect on the company, affecting both the performance and the morale of the workforce.


These are the several courses of action that EKIN should undertake to address