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Business Ethics (BBSD 792)


Interview with: Eleanor (Accounting manager)
Tutor: Ross Kendal

Laser Plumbing
Laser Plumbing is a leading plumbing company in the country. It offers different kinds of service for their customer, such as, plumbing service and quality workmanship in New Zealand. We had an interview with their accounting manager in Hamilton branch. Through their strategic position members and more than 500 vehicles on the road, they can provide service for plumbing all the time. (Laser plumbing).
Each of laser plumbing branches is owned by private. They had huge networks of plumbing contractors, it can make sure a consistent national pricing, high service standards, and also it provides the punctual and high skilled technicians. (Laser plumbing)
Every member company of Laser Company provides the “totally dependable” service and guarantee. Each member companies already undergo a rigorous screening; both of them are leading of the industry. Meanwhile, only laser group provide the plumbing and electrical company in New Zealand. Also, only laser group’s service of plumbing can cover the whole New Zealand. And their service is strongly reliable.
Each of branch owned by the local private, they will get support from the laser national management. Due to this, no matter what kind of problem with the plumbing in building, they will be tried to let their customer get best experience with them. Laser Plumbing service mainly include:
Home maintenance & servicing
New house plumbing design & installation
Drain laying and drainage
Roofing repairs
Hot water installation & service
Pumps & filtration
Air conditioning, heat pumps & ventilation systems
In our report, we choose the ethic of care as a normative ethical theory for our framework. This theory is talk about what makes behavior right or wrong. It’s one half of the cluster by the feminist normative ethical theories developed in the twentieth century. Although the results of theory and deontological moral theory emphasize the universal standards and impartiality, ethic of care emphasizes the importance of reactions. According to care theory is called “the ethic of care”; it means there are moral significance basic elements of relationship.
Employer-employee relationship
In laser plumbing, the company has a good working condition. But the premise of the company is make sure the health and safety of employees. Also, laser plumbing provides the enough time for their employees to have break, and they offer the regular medical examinations for their staff. Among this group most of employees are male. Because of they always need going out to work so they had 9 hours in a day. Their wages is depends on their working ours. But they had the high wages during each hour. On other hand, their job had high entry requirements, it need have a three-years training, and then they can be able to joined Laser Plumbing. The most important thing is when they face the difficulties in their work; they will get the support with effective and rapid resource in the company.
Wages: In New Zealand, there is adult minimum wage, it was start with employees aged 16 and over, it including who are not starting-out workers or trainees. Also it involved the employees who are in training other employees. (Ministry of business, innovation & employment, .n.d. The minimum wage). But in laser plumbing. As Eleanor told us, other company might give their employees just minimum size wages, but Laser plumbing give their employee’s high wages. It can enhance the company’s cohesion and employee motivation.
Rights: In this section, it means to protect employee’s person rights. Nobody can ask the employees to agree with less than minimum rights. Each employee must have a reasonable contract with their company. The contract mainly detail mainly including salary, wages, commission and piece rates. (Ministry of business, innovation &