Business Ethics and Barclays Essay

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Barclays was first founded in 1690 its one of a British international banking and financial services company which is headquarter in London. Barclays operate in over countries worldwide, furthermore Barclays has over 48 million customers across the world.
“Barclays has undertaken a fundamental review of how our business operates. We have looked at the bank in terms of business performance and in terms of culture because we know that only a business driven by strong values can deliver strong, sustainable returns”
What are Barclay’s mission objectives?
Barclays is to be a customer focused group which delivers many superb products and services to their customers and makes sure those brilliant careers for their customers and contributes in a good positive way to the communities, in which they live and work meaning Barclays has the knowledge to act and make precise decisions with the help of other people.
What are Barclay’s corporate aims and objectives?
Barclay’s aims and objectives are to respect and value their colleagues and partners they work with as well as their stakeholders
Barclay’s achieve this objective by having the employees work well with their colleagues and partners they work with in order for them to build a good trust there are other ways that Barclays sees different viewpoints and apply their own common interests ahead of any individual or team, they also co-operate proactively with their colleagues across all of Barclays in order to get the best results that they want. In addition Barclay’s seek to increase, and embrace the diversity of their organisation.
Furthermore, another example of a corporate objective for Barclays is to also act with integrity. In order for them to achieve this they do this by acting equally and ethically in everything that they do they also try to achieve this by showing openly their courage to do and say the correct thing they honour their commitments and they also challenge things openly in which they believe to be wrong.
Barclays also tend to attempt to provide and excellent service and how they do this is by putting their clients and customers first of what they do, they take time to fully understand their customers and clients needs and try to fulfil them in order for them to encounter their clients and customers anticipations. Barclays also provide good solutions for their clients and customers that would balance their long and short term.
Another example of Barclay’s corporate aims and objectives is that they commit themselves to excellence. They achieve this by using the use of their energy. Barclays produce good skills and resources in order for them to believer the possible best and sustainable results. They also aim for flawless delivery and seek from their mistake that they make and they take pride in both their own work as well as of the team so that they can specifically accomplish this corporate objective.
And finally stewardship is Barclay’s corporate objective. Generally they accomplished this because Barclays is to be very passionate about leaving things good and protect also enhance their reputation at all times. In addition to this Barclays find many possible ways to give a good impact to all the communities that they interact with.
What are ethical issues?
Ethical issue is one that requires the professional to adhere to set rules or standards, for proper behaviour in certain situations in organisations and business.
What ethical issues does Barclays face on a daily basis and the impact that is has on them?
Business practices: this is a method that is completely followed by a company in the quest of its objectives. Business practices have an impact on Barclays on many certain aspects for example human resources the reason for this is because Barclays believes that their purpose of the HR function is to be one of the strategic partner of choice to the business that provides advice on all the aspects of their employees in order to support their own business