Business Ethics and Globalization Essay

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Business Ethics and Globalization
Alan D Kero
October 31, 2014
Mitch Swanda
Business Ethics and Globalization

It is very common for a business to expand globally due to competition within the domestic market and transfer employees to different countries to carry this out. In addition, this can run a high chance for ethical risks and consequences due to the difference of environments, cultures, laws, customs, along with numerous other aspects that are different from country to country. Furthermore, “because of the diversity between countries, actions that may be illegal or unethical in some countries may be acceptable behavior in others. Thus, people tend to act “unethically” because each individual is a product of his or her culture, up bringing, training and various other influences.” (Panda, 2007) Additionally, this is why a variety of ethical issues can arise due to globalization. For example, an ethical issue that could arise from globalization is an American manager gets transferred overseas where the laws and regulations for working conditions are different and his employees are put in poor working environments. Although it is unethical to him as an American it is the norm where he is now located. Another ethical issue that could arise is child labor laws might not exist or be very different from here in America and where the manager is now located children are allowed to work at a very young age. Also, a manager transferred to a new country might face