Business Ethics-Changing Jobs and Changing Loyalties Essay

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1) What should Cynthia do? What ideals, obligations, and effects should she take into account when asking her decision?

Cynthia should re-consider her decision to shift to Crytex Systems. Moral obligations and interpersonal responsibilities have been increasingly differentiated both in the philosophical and in the psychological literature. Moral obligations in the Kantian tradition define duties or obligatory actions that we owe to everybody under all circumstances. They include, for example, the obligation to keep a promise or to be veridical. These obligations have been subsumed under the principle of justice and fairness. On the other hand, expectations and responsibilities in office relationships that Cynthia refers to concerns
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Unprofessional conduct encompasses any conduct which demonstrates a lack of skill or an ethical concern. Any conduct which fails to meet the standard of professional services which might reasonably be expected of the ordinary, competent practitioner in the profession can be considered to be demonstrating a lack of skill.