Business Ethics and the Global Dimension of Business Essay

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Business Ethics
And The Global Dimension of Business

Now that we have established a strategic business plan for Marketing, Operations and Human Resource Management for ABC Complete Kitchens, Inc, we must now establish an ethically and socially responsible business climate for our new plant. Another topic we must turn on our focus on is our presence in the global market. Because 20% of our sales are anticipated to be in the overseas market, we must address our international management considerations associated with the international sales of our products.

Ethically and Socially Responsible Business Climate
“Socially responsible management practices are defined as aiming at the achievement of commercial success in ways
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This means that, for example, providing a certain product quality or information to customers that is legally imposed is not part of our definition of socially responsible behavior. Besides, for an organization, values serve to give a sense of identity to its members, enhance the stability of its social system, direct managers’ attention to important issues and guide their decisions. As such, values are an essential part of a company’s overall culture, affecting many important activities and relationships, such as competitive strategies, personnel policies and relationships with different stakeholders. (Hammann, E., Habisch, A., & Pechlaner, H. 2009).
Without an ethical and socially responsible team this company could deal with many set backs. When hiring for our new plant and for the company in general we must consider these requirements. Being ethical and hiring ethical personal is very important not only to this organization, but our global marketplace. Our entire company must be aware of how each employee’s ethical character play in their decision making process, and ultimately plays into the future of this business. (Lawerence-Weber, 2008)

International Management
To address your concerns on ABC’s Complete Kitchens Inc. in the international market, we will look at the factors concerning 20% of our sales in the overseas market.
While International Business is relatively new, it is