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Laboratory Syllabus – Spring 2014



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Schedule and Attendance
There are 6 experiments scheduled over the semester. Each experiment will be performed over approximately 2 week cycle. You will attend your enrolled lab section on a bi-weekly basis (Group 1 or
Group 2). Attendance is mandatory. Attendance will be taken at each lab. Please review and follow the schedule posted on Moodle and according to what section you are enrolled.
Moodle ( is the online Learning Management System (LMS) for the laboratory. All material pertaining to the laboratory (schedules, manuals, assignments) can be found on
Assignments and Grading
Each experiment has a set of assignments associated with it. The grades for each of the assignments are: • Answer to in-lab questions – 4 points
• Submitted data – 2 points
• Laboratory Report
• Abstract – 1 point
• Answer to report questions – 12 points
• Conclusion – 1 point
Times 6 experiments the grand total of the laboratory grade is a maximum 120 points.
Laboratory Reports
• Reports will be due 8 days after the experiment is perform (1 day after discussions), no later than 5:00 PM.
• Reports must be typeset, no hand written reports.
• You will submit BOTH a printed copy to report drop box AND report file to Moodle by the deadline. • Reports submitted after the deadline are considered late and will receive an automatic 20% deduction for each day late.
• Reports submitted more than 5 days after the deadline will not be accepted and will receive no credit.
Absences and Lab Make-up
Only excused absences recognized by the University Academic Regulations will be considered for make up. Excused absences include illness, bereavement, jury duty, military service, or religious observances. We require documentation to demonstrate the excused absence (doctor's note or jury

summons). Procrastination, oversleeping, forgetfulness, or