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CapraTek: Workplace Discrimination

JacQuetta Mann

Professor Robert Bigelow

HRM 5118

December 5, 2015


CapraTek is a successful organization and like all organizations, they have come across some issues dealing with work place discrimination. The company has a potential problem that needs to be looked into and resolved. The issue is that a group of employees were in the lunchroom on a break. They were apparently watching a video of something on someone's tablet and the volume was apparently rather loud. One of CapraTek’s clients was passing through the room, heard at least part of the video and found it extremely inappropriate. Due to this incident CapraTek may have lost a major
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The first improvement for CapraTek would be that they would be able to tell if there is any indication of potential discrimination in the workplace and it would be immediately brought to the attention of the supervisor, HR, and or security. Anyone found to be responsible for discrimination of to others, will be seen as bad conduct that is in violation of these guidelines and will be subject to prompt disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment. Any employee who experiences or witnesses such behavior must also report these issues. Employees who knew of information about discrimination, violence, threats, or harassment, but did not act consistent with these procedures, will be subject to appropriate discipline.

Having these facts in place will give CapraTek better understanding when it comes to handling the concern. They will be able to implement the proper steps on how to handle the situation:

• They will be able to will initiate an investigation to gather information about the incident. • The will be able to gather evidence to examine to make sure that the accusations of discrimination have actually happen. • The will be able to come up with a decision that will determine if an act of discrimination has actually taken place. This type of actions will result from having the proper training on