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Global Business: Group Presentation Assessment Criteria and Feedback Sheet

Names: Chima Chineme Company: HSBC Tianxu Liu Jieyu Wang Zi Shuang Assessment Criteria below 40
70 and over
Content and Theory

An inadequate answer, the majority of materials are irrelevant; there are major gaps in coverage.
Basic evidence of an understanding of many of the issues. The majority of subject matter is directly relevant. The answer is adequate but there is scope for further development in many areas.
Reasonably good grasp of the issues and what is required. The answer is effective but there is scope for further development in some areas.
All subject material is directly relevant and is used effectively to answer the question.
All subject material is highly relevant and comprehensive. Broad and deep coverage of relevant theories and concepts.


Little or no attempt at analysis with little attempt to link theory to practice
Basic analysis, with some evaluation and justification of links between theory and practice.
Analysis of key issues. Coherent linkage between theory and practice.

Comprehensive identification and analysis of issues. Well integrated comparisons of theory and practice. Thorough analysis of relevant issues well integrated theory and practice.
Verbal Communication

Inadequate evidence of organisation of the group. Poor visual aids. Unable to respond appropriately to the questions asked.
Basic attempt has been made to at least respond to the questions.
Good coordination among members. Effective visual aids. A reasonable good grasp of the issues raised and clear answer.

Good coordination among members, good team work. Effective and professional visual aids. A good grasp of the issues raised and a clear answer.

An excellent coordination, excellent teamwork. Professional and innovative visual aids. A thorough grasp of the issues raised and a clear and appropriate answer.

Content and Theory: I think it would have been more helpful for you to have considered HSBC in its global entirety. You did explain general information on the HSBC rather than specific and detailed information. For example, when you explained about strategy, they are very general e.g. managing for growth strategy: what is the growth strategy? Be specific. You could have included more theory in the presentation, for example when you reviewed organisational process dimension, you need to bring some evidence on how HSBC have evolved e.g. sales report and global expansion