Business: Fish and Chips and Bells Fish Essay

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P1 – Describe the type of business.

Bells Fish & Chip Shop LTD

Bells fish and chip shop is a large business that provides fish and chips to the general public. To date Bells have 2 takeaway restaurants and one sit down restaurant. They are currently set out in the Durham area with two restaurants in Durham City and one in the Gilesgate area.

Bells Fish Restaurant is conveniently located directly in Durham City's historic Market Place, a world famous space where goods have been bought and sold since 1189 - a mere 822 years! Many of the buildings in the Market Place appear to be Victorian or later, but appearances can be deceptive. Here at Bells you are sitting within a building - or more accurately buildings - that have early medieval origins.

Bells fish and Chips Shop offers a wide range of fish dishes and its the leading fish and chip shop in the North East to this date.

The purpose of Bells fish shop is to serve the general public high quality fish and chips along with gaining a high reputation in the takeaway industry.

Bells fish shop is a sole trader meaning that the company is not very large however it has a large amount of branches around the Durham City area. To make this company bigger the owner will have to bring in some investors which could lead to expand the business and move more branches around the nation. The owner will have to work lots of hours and he will find it hard to take holidays as he has a lot more responsibility than if he was…