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R.A.W Motors Business Plan

CONTENTS • 1. Executive Summary 3 o 1.2 Mission Statement o 1.3 Directors o 1.4 Product o 1.5 Target Market o 1.6 Objectives 3-4 o 1.7 Loan 4 • 2. Marketing o 2.1 SWOT Analysis o 2.2 Target Market o 2.3 Product Development o 2.4 Product Specification o 2.5 Marketing Budget o 2.6 Future Marketing • 3. Operational Plan o 3.1 Location o 3.2 Quality Control o 3.3 Suppliers o 3.4 Expansion Strategy • 4. Human Resources o 4.1 Labour Force o 4.2 Staff Turnover o 4.3 Training o 4.4 Wages • 5. Finance o Year One Forecast o Year Two Forecast • 6. Appendix o Year One Financial Accounts o Year Two Financial Accounts o
1. Executive Summary


“To provide products at the optimal combination of quality and value at a competitive price”


Managing Director – Mohammed Mezan Ali
Operations Director – Richard Austin
Finance Director – Wei Wei
Human Resources Director – Steven Rosenthal

The Directors of RAW Motors possess a broad knowledge of all business aspects but they specialise in the area they are overseeing. The skills they possess are varied and complementary to ensure an efficient operation.


The first car RAW Motors will produce will be a lower medium named the “Noir”. The aim is to provide a car that combines quality with the modern comforts. A car that is safe, economical and at price lower then competitor cars.


RAW Motors intends to market the “Noir” to small young families. The product spec does allow the “Noir” to appeal to other markets such as large families requiring a second car or single people who require a safe economical and affordable mode of transport.


Short term • To expand sales until the “Noir” is being sold in four markets comprising of France, Germany, Italy and the UK. • To expand production, including the purchase of more production lines and the recruitment of additional employees for the production lines.

Medium Term • To ensure break even is achieved as soon as possible. • To raise capital through retained profits to fund long term objectives.

Long Term • Expansion into a fifth market, Spain. • Expansion of product line up, the development and launch of a new supermini. • Investment into Research and Development.

1.7 LOAN

A £400 million loan will be taken out to cover the costs of the initial start-up. RAW Motors rapid expansion should lead to increased sales and bring about an early breakeven point, in turn, allowing RAW Motors to pay off the loan earlier.

2. Marketing


|Strengths |Weaknesses |
| | |
|- The factory is located in France which means the distribution|- As a new company they do not have the brand image that |
|and wage costs are low across Europe. |established companies have. |
|- RAW Motors ability to keep costs low by choosing to produce |- In addition RAW Motors does not possess the size or economies|
|in France means that they will be able to keep prices low and |of scale of their established rivals. |
|keep demand constant. | |