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The first thing you notice is that the doors are all locked, even simply to enter the waiting room of the clinic. The chairs are cold and the waiting room has a very sterile feel to it. There are 2 teenage girls very pregnant sitting with, what looks to be their boyfriends. You hear about the good and bad experiences in a setting like Planned Parenthood. From the volunteers to the Physicians who practice in their clinics. On this particular visit I am sitting with a friend who doesn’t have any health insurance and who is getting married. She already has a little girl and knows that she doesn’t want to have any more children anytime soon. She fills out the paperwork and walks back to sit beside me and tells me there is a young girl sitting on the other side of the wall crying. My friend explained to me that a woman was pointing at papers telling her to sign where she pointed.
Every person who signs in and fills out paperwork is asked for a donation and when the patient declines to donate the staff then follows up her request with how it can help the organization continue to provide medical care for patients like them. One staff member sounds like she is reading from a script and makes a face when the patient still declines to donate. On the other hand there is a young woman in scrubs calling a patient to the back and she has a big smile and greets the patient with warmth. The patient looks to be no more than 17 years old and a little wide eyed, and barely pregnant. The young staff member assures the patient that everything will be ok. This made the coldness kind of fade and people relaxed a little more. Basically the experience was a mixture of what people expect when visiting a planned parenthood.
Hence through the aide of community health agencies , this societal discrepancy is filled in and the dilemma is surpassed . Much more important to this is that it strikes a balance between the twin imperatives of maintaining access to essential health and human services especially to the most disadvantaged. T his then paves a way in pursuing ways to better manage and control costs over long term economic plans and help preserve a harmonious collaboration between taxpayers and the government . I personally chose the Texas Health and Human Services Agency for I have seen tangible results over their developmental plans despite the issue on population and other natural calamities that seem to bother them every year.
The Texas Health and Human Services Agency supervises twelve departments and a board that offers a series of wellbeing care services , social services , mental health services , alcohol and drug services , revenue support , and communal health services to Texans in all social brackets . Moreover , around 33 ,000 people work for departments in THHS , local offices all throughout the state , state institutions and residential amenities serving the psychologically unwell and people with developmental disabilities ADDIN EN .CITE Texas Health and Human Services Agency2008http /www .thhs .tx .gov
/Pages /AboutUs .aspx (Texas , 2008
The governor envisions health reform as an accessible , resourceful , and affordable health care scheme that props up a healthier state through deterrence and wellness and universality of coverage for all its citizens , affordability and cost containment . With this , the health care improvement method must reveal a systems ' framework that integrates indispensable building blocks in an integrated approach which is feasible and efficient to everyone Functions , duties and responsibilities. All Texans , especially those most at risk or in need , have the opportunity to enjoy a high quality of life as measured by the sound physical , mental and financial health of children , adolescents and adults strong and well- functioning families safe and sustainable communities and dignity for all " Funds are to