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“Spring” air filter

Marketing Plan

Executive summary
To conserve money, save time, and provide convenience for consumers, we developed a seasonal scented air filter that can be placed in both central air or air conditioning units. Our filters have three primary value adding functions. It acts as an air filter that cleans traps the dirt that flows from the A/C to the household environment; the filter contain air purification technology that cleans a home’s stable air through recirculation; and it operates as an air freshener that eliminates odors and replaces it with enjoyable scents that linger for 90 days. Often, dirty apartments and houses can result in unpleasant smells that are beyond the consumer’s control. Therefore, we decided to produce a filter with seasonal freshness that can be placed in the air conditioning units of apartments or the central air units in houses. Popular air deodorizers can become an inconvenient hassle, but new technology allows consumers to let the filter do all the work. Spring saves the customer the trouble of constantly using sprays when needed, and freshens the house automatically for up to three months. Our product is designed not only to enhance the smell of the freshness outside, but to also eliminate the numerous odors and unwanted particles that houses or rooms may carry. Situation Analysis
Market Summary

The recent recession has invoked negative impacts on the air conditioning industry. Euromonitor International’s report forecasts the air treatment market will experience growth over the next five years. Entering the market in 2013 will allow for low costs of entry because the industry is struggling to reach customer need. Consequently, we can penetrate the market effectively and gain an ample market share. Gaining proper market share will promote high consumer growth during our introduction stage where we are weighed down with costs.
“Spring” also offers air purification services, which is experiencing considerable growth. Forecasters expect the growth to continue for at least five more years. As technology advances and people become more conscious about costs for small appliances, people have made a movement toward “smart” technology. In the air conditioning industry, suppliers have invested in “smart appliances” which refers to energy efficient products that have cheaper upfront and maintenance costs; the government essentially automates the electronics and improves their environmental efficiency. The current recession has implemented a more cost conscious public, and the “green movement” has developed an environmentally cognizant society. Springs focuses on combining multiple value adding services in one product to increase efficiency and reduce overall costs. Each filter uses an ionized charge that acts an air purification system. Unlike most plug-in purifiers, extra energy is not required to function this aspect of the product. The circulation of air also allows our air freshener to provide an enjoyable aroma for three months at a time. We altered our product to adhere to the trends of the industry. With our strategy, we lower the risk of entering our market and provide unique value to our customers on multiple levels.
Consumer needs have altered and recent trends show that customers desire simpler designs. Today’s process involves buying two to three separate products air conditioner, air freshener, and air purifier (sometimes combined with air conditioner). Spring simplifies the buying process by combining each of these services into one design for a low price. Currently, customers are most price conscious with small household appliances, including temporary and electrical air fresheners. Declines are not as prevalent among larger fixtures such as permanent air conditioners because these are necessary household items that are not easily substitutable. Sales for smaller