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Business Project

My business is called Mixmaster and it is a business requiring DJ-ing. I chose this business simply because I think everyone loves music and everyone listens to music in their everyday lives. I think music brings everyone together and bonds people together. I picked this business because I have big passion of music and I feel it’s a creative aspect of life as many songs have great messages that deliver to people. Music has been in this world for a very long time and it is a popular subject that everyone enjoys. What I will bring to the business is a variety of different kind of music that people will enjoy and have a good time with. I will bring good deals and packages that will satisfy the customer who hires me and will make sure their money is well spent. Music has many advantages as there are many types of music. Such as traditional e.g Indian music, R&B and hip-hop, rock and house music. These are all the music types that I can do as a DJ and I think this business will be successful as a variety of people listening to different types of music and I can host loads of events such as weddings, house parties, clubs, hall parties, engagements traditional weddings, carnivals, festivals and fun fairs.

I chose these locations as I am very familiar with these locations and I have been around the areas so I know them well.

This is the kind of idea of a DJ setup that I am going with. I think that this is comes in a reasonable