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The Knowledge I have gained thus far is that brainstorming is key to develop new business ideas. There are many different strategies to increase stimulation within a group. The idea is to create a situation where anything is possible, imagine that all the laws of nature don’t apply, and one far-out crazy idea might lead you to developing a realistic idea that can work in the business world. High arousal will create creativity in the group and will motivate people to share ideas and build off of ideas too.

1) The Market Bar
For people that consume alcohol
Who enjoy attending social gatherings, the Market Bar is an interactive establishment where the prices varies on supply and demand this will increase the customer’s participation and enjoyment at the establishment.
Unlike existing bar establishments, our business has a variable pricing strategy where each alcoholic drink will be priced on the demand of certain drinks. It will provide customers with the ability to change the prices of each drink by the actions of their purchases.
The Market Bar is a new innovation of how bars can integrate customer participation in their service. The prices of the products that are being sold will vary depending on the popularity of each drink. If a drink is very popular one night, the price will rise due to its high demand, but If one drink is not being purchased the price will decrease due to its low demand. This will provide the establishment with a unique quality to get customers in the door, that other competitors do not offer.

2) The Brankle shoe
For basketball players
Who enjoy playing basketball,
The Brankle shoe is a basketball shoe that has an ankle brace throughout the shoe
This will increase the player’s ability to sustain from ankle injuries and provide more support for the ankle
Unlike existing basketball shoes,
Our product will have a secure ankle brace throughout the inside of the shoe, where the consumer will be able to fasten the brace and secure the shoe around it. It will be one cohesive product instead of having to buy shoes and an ankle brace separately.
The Brankle shoe is designed to provide the ultimate stability for your ankles. Instead of buying ankle braces and shoes separately, the customer will be able to purchase two products in one and save money. Since the brace will be designed first and the shoe manufactured around it, the benefit will offer cohesiveness and comfortableness that the other products do not provide due to its compatibility between the two different products. This shoe will increase safety in the game and deliver an increase in performance.

3) The Boom Bike
For cyclists
Who listens to music while they ride,
The “Boom Bike” is a bicycle attachment that is a waterproof MP3 player
That will provide easier access to music and increase enjoyment during your ride.
Unlike existing MP3 players,