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In this Business information Analysis report there’s an analysis of a questionnaire data and excel document called StudentSurvey and will also focus on the different types of data that can be used to produce results collected from the University Students.
This report will cover a diversity of data, which may include number of societies, age and gender of the University Students being surveyed. The survey main focus was set for the first year students, as the university’s goal was to get findings on the student’s life at university and how they have overcame different situations through adapting themselves to the environment. 152 students took part in the survey. There are some specific questions collecting more detailed data such as: What course are you studying? And these questions are followed by a number of courses that are based in the business school. Including some of questions that been created for this report and full analysis.
Question 2.1 How easily do you adapt to the university life?’ followed by answers varying from 1-5, 5 meaning very difficult. This will be looking for the percentage of students that adapting well with their university life and those that are adapting poorly.
Question 2.2 Are there more females than males in the Business School? This will be looking for the major group between two genders.
Question 2.3 Are there more female students who are likely to find the facilities of university extremely poor than male students? This will be looking at how the two genders find the facilities in the university for example most male students may prefer everything in the campus but then female students may disagree as they may prefer fancy facilities.
Question 2.4 Are all international students male?
Question 2.5 is there more female international students than male international students? This will be searching whether the numbers of students that are international are equal or there’s one gender with more students.
Question 2.6 Do the students who rated their university life poor live far away from the university? This will be looking for whether the students who are living far away from home find it difficult to adapt with the university life.
Followed by the conclusion question 3.1
The first question that was fit to include in this report was,
2.1 Are they more females than males Business School? Yes |No
2.21 Its crucial to know how many students are in first year and what the percentage of these students are by gender. This may help to figure out whether some students prefer having a balanced ratio in genders as then they all have a small boost in terms of social life, when they join societies and sometimes work as a group in classes.
2.22 But as shown in the excel data collection it shows that there are more males in the business. The correct answer would be Y and this is because there are 87 females and only 65males. Below is a doughnut chart stating the difference between the percentage ‘%’ between the male and female students.

Figure 1 Provided with the results on the chart above, more questions were also generated relating to gender, for example, 2.3 Are there more female students who are likely to find the facilities of university extremely poor than male students? Yes |No
2.31 This sort of question may be biased as most students don’t really use most facilities in the university unless their exams are closing in or they have assignment due. However most students may intend the university facilities when they’re in LRC researching for work or sometimes to log into Study Space where they’re provided with important information. Therefore this question answer is based on whether the student’s experience in her course is great or poor.
2.32 There are more female students by percentage of 14% resulting having a larger number of these students answering Y. There are more female students 57% so the answer is guaranteed to be ‘yes’ as the females are more than male