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Joao Junqueira
Business Law
11 November 2014
Mr. James C. Weyand Esq.
Adrian Peterson Should Be Re-instated? After Adrian Peterson beat up his four years old son with a tree branch as a form of punishment this summer, an incident that allegedly resulted in multiple injuries to the child, and be punished by the NFL some questions came up, such as: Adrian Peterson should be re-instated or not? Did he crossed the line between parental discipline and abuse? In my opinion, he did crossed the line. And the three main reasons why he is guilty, in my opinion, are: The victim was 4 years old, the repetitive use of the switch was similar to using a weapon, Peterson has shown "no meaningful remorse'' for his conduct, in other words he believed that his attitude was normal and had done nothing wrong. Peterson acknowledged punishing the boy with a stick badly enough to leave marks on his legs, ankles and genitals. His son also had leaves stuffed in his mouth while his dad struck him with a branch. That's not a disciplinary method. That's madness. This has nothing to do with a debate over spanking children. This has to do with protecting them from abusers. He does not deny it, he just did not think that others would consider this attitude abusive. How can his attitude not be abusive? It makes no sense to me punishing a 4 years old kid until he bleeds. One of the main reasons why the NFL did not change his punishment was because he showed no regrets over his attitude. In an interview with Houston police, Peterson was very matter-of-fact and calm about the incident, appearing to believe he had done nothing wrong. Public statements attributed to him indicate that he believes that this kind of discipline is appropriate and that he does not intend to stop disciplining his children this way. According to Commissioner Roger Goodell, NFL is prepared to put in place a program that can help him to succeed, but no program can succeed without his genuine and continuing engagement. He must commits himself to his counseling and rehabilitative effort, properly care for his children, and have no further violations of law or league policy. And regarding of his approach since the incident Goodell said that he has shown no meaningful remorse for his conduct. When indicted, he acknowledged what he did but said that he would not eliminate whooping his kids and defended his conduct in numerous published text messages to the…