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Once someone files a civil suit the defendant is noticed by the Sheriff’s department. They will serve the defendant a copy of the complaint and summons that has be filed. The defendant must give an answer within 30 days

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A client would always want a lawyer’s fee to be one contingency basis because in case the lawyer doesn’t win the case then the client doesn’t have to pay them. I think this way lawyers will strive to do a better work and win the case so they will get paid.

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ACC Carports, Inc.
1321 Carport Ln.
Greenwood, SC 29649 March 16, 2013

ACC Carports,Inc. hereafter known as Agent, agrees for the sum of Thirteen thousand dollars ($13,000.00) to construct a metal garage at the side of the premises at 175 Derby Rd., Hodges, S.C., owned by Jon Torres, hereafter known as the Principal. Metal garage shall be constructed of galvanized steel and shall be thirty (30) feet in width and forty (40) feet in length, and shall stand ten (10) feet above the ground. The expected date of completion is May 09, 2013. Consideration from Principal shall be the sum of one thousand three hundred dollars ($1,300.00) as down payment paid immediately upon signing this contract. The balance of eleven thousand seven hundred dollars ($11,700.00) shall be paid upon completion of construction. Principal agrees to provide level and clear land. Otherwise agent will charge an additional fee to level and clear land. Fees will depend on the amount of additional work required. Agent is also not responsible for changes in schedule due to circumstances due out of the agent’s control like truck problems, weather conditions, and wrong directions. The agent agrees to provide a high quality metal building. In the event the principal is not satisfied he or she will need to contact the corporate office of ACC Carports, Inc. Principal is allow to hold up to twenty (20) percent of the payment but the other eighty (80) must be paid to the agent. A form of agreement will be discussed between the Principal and ACC Carport in order to resolve problem. This writing constitutes the full agreement and understanding of the parties signed herein.
Agent ________________________
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Cesar Juarez 864-939-8295 Mt. Airy, NC 1) The independent contractor installs carports and metal buildings. His clients are the people who purchase the carports and metal buildings from Metal Garage, Inc. 2) The contractor gets his contracts from Metal Garage, Inc. The contracts are covered by the statue of Frauds because most of the building and carports that he installs are over the price of $500. Another would be the agreement to sell any interest in real property because some of the buildings that they sell are installed as permanent structures on the customers land. 3) The contractor became an agent because Metal Garage, Inc. contracted them to install the metal buildings that they sell. The contractor has professional liability insurance.

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This Partnership Agreement is entered into this 17 day of March 2013, by and between the following partners Bob Jones, Bill Dun, and Mac Smith.
Who agree to follow:
Name of Partnership: The name of the partnership shall be JDM Lawn Care.
Place of Business: The partnership’s place of business shall be at 123 Green Way, Greenwood SC 29649
Purpose of Partnership: The purpose of the partnership are for regular lawn care maintance, landscape design, and project management. In addition to the specific purposes set above, the pupose of the partnership is also to conduct a lawful business in which the partners might come engage.