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1-3 I agree, with Mrs. Tollens that her employer violated her constitutional rights to free exercise of religion. The meaning of the free exercise clause guarantees a person to hold on to any religious beliefs that he or she wants to. The only one to step in and break the beliefs if it is necessary is the government. Mrs. Tollens employer violated her rights and took the wrong decision of fire and replace her with someone else, her employer should have been more understandable of Mrs. Tollens religious beliefs. The employer should have for example let Mrs. Tollens do longer hours during the rest of the week to compensate the work she would miss out on during the Saturday. Also from Mrs. Tollens side I believe she could have made an exception for that Saturday, and step in and work since the company was in an important process of orders. My opinion on why Mrs. Tollens could have made an exception is because her employer does not ask the employees to step in and work seven days a week on a regular occasion, the situation came up so that the company could finish their orders on time.
1-6 Freedom of speech let the people in our society to freely voice their political opinions and criticize government actions or policies. This case is a dilemma for everyone involved, the city of New York is trying to stop what for them is a major problem for the city the vandalism and defacement of public property caused by unauthorized graffiti. Since the year of 2005 the city banned the sale of spray-paint cans and broad-tipped indelible markers to person under the age of twenty-one. Still the city have had problems with vandalism and defacement after banned the products, the new rules on other hand will also affect artist and students that creates graffiti legally in a negative way. My opinion is that the court should not grant the request to prohibit the rules enforcement, because the city of New York has for decade struggled with the problem of illegal graffiti. Now the city can punish the people that commit illegal graffiti, and I am sure that artist and students that works with graffiti in legal ways will find their way around to purchase the products if they are under the age of twenty-one. So why I still want the law to be around is that it will benefit the city of New York in more ways because now the city can punish the bad people.…