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1.Aaron Feuerstein became something of an overnight national hero by protecting his workers. Feuerstein said, “It was the right thing to do and there’s a moral imperative to do it, irrespective of the consequences.” a. Was Feuerstein employing utilitarian or formalist reasoning? Explain.

2.Commenting on Feuerstein’s approach to his employees’ needs, Wharton School professor Michael Useem said, “The thinking is: employees can be seen as an ultimate competitive advantage. If you treat them well, they’ll pay you back in really hard work later on.”a. Was Useem expressing formalist or utilitarian reasoning?

I believe Feuerstein's methods, and Useem's comment were both utilitarian in nature. According to the text utilitarianism is a moral theory that dictates that people must choose the actions or follow the rule that provides the greatest good to society. Feuerstein's actions provided income to families who might have otherwise been ruined by the business closing. In my opinion this act of kindness provides the greatest good to society and will be discussed for generations to come. We marvel at it as though it is such a foreign concept for a business entity to care. Feuerstein was quoted as saying, “Maybe on paper our company is worthless to Wall Street, but I can tell you it's worth more”. This man has come forth and taken a stand to help us all evolve, He has said no to big business and the insatiable need for more. How much more can more get us if we continue to step on each other on our way to the top?

In March, when asked by the CBS program "60 Minutes" if, knowing how things played out, he would do the same thing he had done, he responded, "Yes, it was the right thing to