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Assessment Outline

The prescribed assessment in this Unit of Study comprises:

1) An online multiple choice test to be completed during Week 4 of semester- 10% of final mark

2) Demonstrable preparation of answers to weekly tutorial exercises and active participation in class discussion - 10% of final mark

3) A research essay (case study) of 2,000 words (+/-10%) for submission in Week 9 – 30% of final mark

4) An “open book” 2 .5 hour final examination (+15 minutes reading time) - 50% of final mark

Marking Criteria

Students must achieve a minimum overall score of 50/100 the final exam to pass the unit. Furthermore, in order to obtain a pass in the subject, all aspects of assessment must be completed to a satisfactory standard of competence. Accordingly, students who fail to attempt all assessment components will fail the subject.

The examiners retain the discretion to award a pass in the subject to a student who, having attempted all assessment components, fails to complete one of such components to a pass standard.

Students should note that this discretion cannot be exercised in favour of any student who attains a mark of less than 20 (out of 50) in the Final Examination.

Note: Further important information about the assessment is contained in the Unit of Study Guide and the VU Collaborate space for this unit.

1) Online Test:

Students are to log in to the online test via VU Collaborate (located by clicking on ‘Assessments’ then ‘Quizzes’) in their own time during week 4 of semester. The quiz is to be completed individually, students have 60 minutes from the time they log on in which the complete the test.

The test comprises of 10 multiple choice questions based on material covered in weeks 1-3 of the semester. One attempt per student is permitted only. Students must ensure that they read all instructions carefully before beginning the test, as re-dos will not be permitted.

2) Tutorial Participation:

Note: tutorials are compulsory. Students must present their prepared solutions to tutorial homework questions in weekly tutorial classes in Weeks 2-11.

Weekly tutorial classes are structured in such a way that they provide feedback to students on their prepared solutions to set tutorial question and they also provide the opportunity for exchange of ideas among students, and between students and Tutor. They are the ideal forum for reviewing material covered in lectures and questioning of the concepts dealt with in lectures and covered by individual student's reading in the subject.

Tutorials are a vital component of the student learning process in all Units of Study studied at tertiary level, but this applies even more emphatically in the study of law in a common law legal system, where problems are resolved by the application of an adversarial approach.

Students must attend at least 10 of their scheduled BLO1105 tutorials during the semester to be eligible for a Pass mark (or greater) for this assessment task.
Students who miss more than two (2) tutorials (including absences for illness or special circumstances) will fail the tutorial participation and preparation assessment. In the event of an absence, students are required, where possible, to advise their respective tutor prior to the tutorial AND email their answers for the relevant weekly tutorial exercises. Additionally, students who attend a tutorial without their tutorial work prepared or who do not actively participate in tutorial discussions will also be unable to satisfactorily pass this requirement.

The tutorial participation mark (10% of final grade) is determined by respective tutors, based upon students demonstrably showing that they have attempted the weekly tutorial exercises prior to the respective class and actively participating in class discussions and presentations.

3) Research Assignment:

The research assignment topic can be located in this guide (see