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Part A - Four step process

The case study which students are required to resolve using the four step process is set out below. Students are required to apply the relevant legal concepts and principles to analyse and solve the legal issues arising in the case study by explaining and applying their knowledge of the legal principles and rules arising in Australian legal system: topic four to five inclusive.

Please note also that the information contained in the course materials (the Source Book, computer based tutorials and seminar materials) are sufficient when completing your assignment. It is not necessary to research beyond these materials for the purpose of
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Markers have discretion as to whether to apply the penalty for an additional 100 words, provided the discussion remains relevant. The assignment will not be assessed if it exceeds 3,500 words and will result in a ZERO mark.

Please note that this is inconsistent with what was specified in the Unit Outline. The word limit has been increased to assist students. With the increase in word limit, students can focus their attention on addressing the question, instead of concerning themselves with ensuring they write within the specified word limit.

The word count does not include the following: cover sheet in-text referencing referencing list headings Submission
Please read the submission process carefully. Students should understand that compliance with instructions in relation to an assessment task is critical. Students MUST be aware that non-compliance with submission instructions can result in a mark of ZERO.

All assignments must be submitted by 4PM (Western Standard Time (WST)) on the Thursday of the week the assignment is due, i.e. Assignment two is due Thursday, 26 April 2012 by 4PM (WST).

Students are required to submit their assignment to Moodle also to Turnitin. The assignment will automatically be submitted to the plagiarism detection programme, Turnitin.

Feedback on assignments

You should contact your allocated teaching assistant in the first instance if you need help understanding the course material or issues arising in