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3030 East 151st Street South
Bixby, Oklahoma 74008

2 September 2014

Jennifer Jefferson
Eight Acres After School Care
14775 South Lewis Avenue
Bixby, Oklahoma 74008

Dear Ms. Jefferson:

Recently I have discovered your after school care and am interested in becoming a staff member there. Aside from my impressive rèsumé enclosed, I will be a great addition due to my energy, patience, and child-like heart.

My energy in life will transfer to the campers. Energy will be one of the main qualities I use to keep the campers entertained and engaged. In the past I have babysat younger family members so, as a staff member, I would understand the responsibility to keep kids grades first to fifth active. I will encourage camp goers to do quality work on homework, much like I do personally, upon arrival and reward them for a job well done with outdoor activities. Practicing an energetic approach to situations will further better me in the future to look at daily tasks with that same energy.

I also understand the kids will try my patience during the after school care hours. Working with kids, no doubt is stressful but I possess a high tolerance of patience that I will not spare using in day to day interactions. At Eight Acres Camp this past summer, two campers challenged me with confrontation, but with patience I heard both sides of the story and came up with a reasonable solution. By not quickly losing my temper, I will appear me more approachable by young campers to seek help. This job experience will strengthen my patience for future…