Business Letter Disney Essay

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Zorita Tripp
2929 West 31st Street
Brooklyn, New York 11224
March 25, 2015
Mr. Tom Walber
Euro Disney Resort S.C.A
Paris, France 77777
Dear Mr. Walber:
I am writing to propose ideas for Euro Disney Resort to increase occupancy rate and revenue. According to my studies, Euro Disney has been in a struggle to maintain competitive advantage. During this period, I identified some key issues that I’m positive you’ll take interest in.
Disney entered the European economy during a period of recession. With this socio-economical factor, the French and European tourists alike simply can’t afford admission prices. It is indisputable that lowering prices is the not best choice because of perishability. I suggest establishing one or more joint venture by creating activities such as concerts, special events and family packages. This way, entrance to the park and resort would be affordable and would increase the loss profits.
Another key issue is the French are disgruntled by the development of Euro Disney and perceives it as a threat to French culture. Evidently, Disney is a reflection American culture where it can’t be overlooked. Disney can create the multiplier effect by hiring more staff which can be reflective of the French people. Create sustainable ‘Go Green’ development in Euro Disney policies considering France has a serious pollution problem. It would be a great marketing scheme to use Disney’s French based characters or mascots in the park’s theme. Mixing both American and French culture into the park’s theme can sway French media negative perception of Disney.
Seasonality has also affected Euro Disney Resort. Euro Disney lost a considerable amount of visitors because of the cold, harsh winter.