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Task1- Explain three advantages of teamwork, including examples.
Explain two disadvantages of teamwork, including examples.

One advantage of teamwork is that you can gather new business ideas from all group members. For example someone in the group could have a new idea for the business to expand.

Another advantage of teamwork is that all members can be spoken and not feel left out in anyway. For example a member in the team can feel left out because their roles in the business can be lower than others in the group but teamwork can help because everyone will get the chance to have a say in something.

Working in a team can help develop interpersonal skills such as speaking and listening as well as team working skills. For example teamwork simply requires a lot of speaking and listening because you have to interact with people in the group to gather all ideas together.

A disadvantage of teamwork is that people in the team may not co-operate with other people in the team. For example a group member may not like working in a team and may not get on with the tasks but this one person can bring the team down by creating a bad energy in the group.

Another disadvantage of working in a team is that some people work better individually and it may not be their fault in this case because they may not be use to team working, in groups sometimes you have to put up with people who do not want to communicate and talk or they could just depend upon other members to do the