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M1: Analyse Different types of business information and their sources.

Business communication is really important, especially in hospitals as they need to communicate in various ways because certain service users are not as capable as others for example people who are unable to hear they would need to use different type of communication to overcome that barrier they would use pictures, hand gestures and notes. Every business should match customer’s needs to gain profit and it is crucial for every customer to feel comfortable regardless of what they are suffering. Employees should be empathic.
Person Specification:
This is to describe what type of person the candidate is. It would include things like qualifications, experiences and grades to narrow down what the candidate is good at and what type of a person he is. This is important in a job application because it would make the employers job easier by knowing what he is good at and what not, what his strengths and weaknesses are. For example you wouldn’t give a chef job to a person who only has experiences in retail stores, because it doesn’t match the needs. You will want someone who’s got experience in a chef or a restaurant to sort of know what they are going to do.
Written information:
Written information is basically information which is based on facts and opinions about the whole business and different sectors of it, by having written information it completes some service users’ needs such as service users who are unable to hear. Written information, you would usually find this online, in the library or in the branch itself, this describes what the business is, how it runs and what they provide. Very important for people who are applying for jobs so they know what they are going to do. Written information could also be based on the reputation of the business too.
Multimedia also known as interactive programme, this is basically the social side to the business this is perfect for businesses to promote themselves such as on advertisements and pop ups. Multimedia is also were you get facts and up to date about the business.
Advertising also known as promoting, this is basically letting others know about what is out in the business such as new products, vacancies and competitions in such businesses, this is important because it catches other peoples attention and it is important for the advert to be…