Business Level 3 Unit 3 Research Paper

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P3 Task 1; Describe the appropriate standard and legislation of two different products.
Chose two engineering products and for each products identify the following
1. Legislation
2. Standard
Relevant to current legislation, standard code of practice e,g British standards, electromagnetic compatibility, directive, European legislation and European conformity.

The following two engineering products are designed with the above criteria based on relevant standard and legislation regulators. These two product features are cost-efficient, user-friendly, and free from serious side effects.
I have designed two home appliances BREAD TOASTER AND MINI OVEN with the following regulators legislation and standard description criteria.

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Chose one of your chosen engineering products that influence its design.
• Environmental constraints
• Manufacturing constraints

I chose to give more information about the mini oven considering the environmental and manufacturing constraints.
Environmental constraints
This mini oven is designed with new technology to reduce energy consumption; there are more features on how the mini oven reduces energy;
• Those electronic components in side the mini oven are design more efficient, adding less heat to the kitchen such as Oven elements, baking pans, grill components, door Seal, thermostat and timer knob etc
• It is require less maintenance, require less ventilation and more portable.
• This is made with electronic controls by delivering more reliable quality and requires less operator supervision. This is also considered to be clean and more flexible especially when using the oven humidity levels is less.
This mini oven is designed to be environmentally friendly and have less environmental impact by using less energy, because of the components used to manufacture the mini oven is absolutely energy saver and made with controlled energy consumption