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I did some mentoring in a community school in Luton, where I planned prepared and delivered educational activities that engaged students to debate. I supported them towards achieving their goals made sure the students reached their own EXPERIENCE
At present I’m working at Barnfield College as a Study Resource Assistant, through my work at Barnfield I have developed my administrative experience by carrying out duties by using the Heritage Library System, by issuing, returning, renewals of books, dvds and overdue book payments, classify and catalogue book resources, using specific criteria to search for books when students or staff request me to do this, either by phone or face to face, Using the Service Desk to report any damage to any equipment (photocopier or printer not working, damage to any of computers or furniture or any spillage in are department), sending emails so that I can liaison with other members of staff around the college. My willingness to learn new skills has made me become familiar with the colleges e-learning system (Moodle, staff net) application of e-learning in teaching, learning and assessment. I now understand the quality and care offered at Barnfield College also that this post requires someone who can cope with different students and who can offer flexibility and breadth of experience both of which I possess.
My experience in working in schools has enabled me to develop a range of practical skills.
Conclusion at their own pace and not impose my views or suggestions. Whatever was discussed during the mentoring session were always treated in the strictest of confidence and therefore the students could always trust me, whenever I did my mentoring we all worked well together, holding weekly meetings and maintaining communication in between meetings, we would meet at designated time and place and discuss issues, make plans to resolve and the review them, this experience has showed me that I can challenge behaviour effectively, conduct activities safely and communicate with students from diverse backgrounds, my ability to work with others, motivate and inspire is a very significant contribution that I am confident I can bring