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Subway in brixton
Subway in Brixton is located in a prime location and a very busy road. This subway store is based opposite the Brixton underground station and is very visible from outside the station. This part of Brixton is probably the busiest area as people traveling back and forth from London city centre and other areas via underground station. Brixton is just south of the city, on the border of Zones 2 and 3, at the end of the Victoria line. It is a lively working class suburb with great nightlife and energy. Brixton is a popular spot for tourists, other working holiday makers, travelers, and people staying in London for a short time.
Brixton has great transport links - only four stops away from Victoria station in the city, from where you can explore the south of England from the overland Southeastern railways, or reach Gatwick in time for a flight. It has buses that cross section the whole of south London, including Clapham, a hub for working holiday makers, and arguably south London's centre for live music. It also borders Stockwell and Camberwell - which hosts many free local festivals in the summer. O2 Academy is also based in Brixton about 5-10 mins away from the Subway store.Most of the biggest bands in the world have played here, and it also holds some of Britain's hardest club nights. This is why the sale increase is tremendous sespecially in the months of August to November because of the Bands, musicals and theatre shows in the O2 academy.For shopping in Brixton, people have the option of all the regular outlets such as Marks and Spencer, and various sporting, footwear and fashion chains on the High St. But to get the real