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Hi , everyone , my name is Xudong Huang . wellcome to my presentation , today i will do the presentation about hermes which is a famous luxury brand around the world . The presentation maybe do about 8mins .
The frist page is overview for the topic , in the frist part i will do the simple background about hermes and introduce this brand . The second part i will talk about the culture of hermes , and then i will pay more attention to in the third part which show the popular products of hermes . Finally , i will do the conclusion and if someone want to ask questions about this presentation , u can just say it , i will try me best to answer it .
In 1837 , Mr hermers set up the frist hermes independent store in paris , and the name of brand used his last name , during today , hermes have 147 independent stores around the world , and make more and more people understand this top brand , and the intension of brand . Hermes have 4 important business , leather products and clothes , timekeeper and jewellery , perfume .
Lets move on the fourth page , hermes always emphasize on the design of windows , because the windows design represents the brand image . the windows design also show the brand culture , the good windows design can promote sales , help brand-building and make customer communicate with the brand in virtually . As we all know , hermes always has been closely tied to high price , not only the quantity of products were limited , but also the handicraft help hermes becoming more and more strong . Harness by hermes always was choose for people who like to horse riding .actually , bag was the real thing to help hermes becoming the top one luxury brand , in 1956 , Grace kelly used the kelly bag to protect her stomach because she have a baby in that time , after that , the kelly bag become the dream bag for many women . And victoria backiham was the best spokesperson for the birkin bag , this bag qiuckily become the repersentative of mature woman . Hermes was adept in celebrity charm .
Due to hermes bag was popular around the world , they have 4 style bags were much