Business Management Essay

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Business Management

The business management profession is often over looked by people who think they just generally like the “business” career; it involves a lot of hard work and dedication. Business Management can be viewed from many different prospectives. There’s owning a business, becoming a manager, and competing with other businesses. Not everyone can go into Business management; there are certain qualifications that must be met. All of the management subjects require leadership, determination, and perseverance. This profession is very time consuming and in the end can be very rewarding. The Business management career path takes a lot of dedication and hard work to meet certain qualifications. There are many paths that can be taken to being successful in business management; it is the amount and type of education one can receive and how badly the person wants to be successful. If one wishes to go further into a business management career path it is required to get a certain type of education and degree. Education plays a vital role in not only changing, but also creating and maintaining organization (Michelson 2). Classes such as communications, leadership, and math are all required classes for management. Thought processing and organizing are two key pieces to success in business management. These characteristics start with how things are dealt with things personally as well. “Personnel departments are also responsible for introducing appropriate social-science findings to practice” (Felician 2). Determination is also needed with the many challenges that will be faced including the amount of studying required to master this career. The range that is willing to be met of the personal management process including organizational planning and staffing, are essential to having a solid workforce foundation (1). It is important to have a good background and education so that one can build up assistance in competition and decisions for efficient products and reliable sources and materials (Newman 1). Some ranges of education do not go as high as others do. “Non degree programs for working adults seek to enhance their professional skills and have become increasingly popular at community colleges” (Tonne 2). An organization cannot be successful if it does not have a highly organized way of systeming and people trained to do work. Personnel is key to a good functioning work force (Felician 2). Two major objectives for business education are at the secondary level (Tonne 2). Special staff departments are made to advise, council, and provide service to the organization on personal policies (Felecian 1). Organizations are used to partner with other organizations to team up and get more done in a shorter amount of time and a more successful way. Business management organizations are to obtain and maintain a committed, cooperative and creative surrounding drive force (1). Drive force is necessary because it is the determination, and level of how badly you wish to be successful. The ultimate objective is for students to develop a balanced understanding for and of the nature of business (Tonne 2). Business has grown exceedingly and forms an integrated phase. The goal of teaching students for semi professional work still predominates. Some students may lose education credits if they decide to transfer while taking the core classes needed to be successful (2). If people did not go through the proper education they would not have any chance against the competition. A higher level of education after college may be necessary when proceeding higher up in the management career ladder. Secondary schooling is important, many colleges continue training and pursue degrees after they graduate. There are many things that are advantages with being in the business management field. The higher one gets onto the ranking and experience, the better one will be positioned and the more value will be put to their name. The pay will increase as