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Revision tips for Unit 3

It is often school policy that you undertake a revision test that assesses your knowledge of and skills in Unit 3. Undertaking a school-based test is valuable because it:

evaluates your level of understanding of Unit 3 material

evaluates your ability to integrate topics within Unit 3

evaluates your ability to relate theory with contemporary business practices exercised by large-scale organisations

highlights the way in which you manage time under exam conditions

helps you to understand how you operate/cope under test conditions

0. assists you with preparation for the end of year external examination.

Preparation for a revision test or external examination must be timely and thorough. Here are some suggestions.

1. Take time to examine the outcomes on which the examination is based.

2. Consider what knowledge and skill each outcome requires you to demonstrate.

3. Prepare one-page revision sheets on each of the unit topics. (You have already completed many of these in responding to chapter tasks.) If you have studyON VCE Business Management Units 3 and 4, use the summaries to revise the key concepts.

4. Familiarise yourself with the assessment task details and instructions.

5. Ensure your glossary is accurate and up to date. It is easier to study from your own glossary because many of the terms would have been defined in your own words and, therefore, will be easier to remember.

6. Make sure you can identify and use large-scale organisation case studies for each of the topics you have summarised. Competent students must demonstrate their understanding with a contemporary example.

7. Predict the types of questions you may be asked within each topic. Locate some past exam questions and practise some responses. (Your class teacher is likely to be willing to provide you with feedback.) If you have studyON VCE Business Management Units 3 and 4, use the practice questions and sit a full VCE practice exam.

8. Set aside regular blocks of time to prepare for your assessable tasks. Regular revision is usually more appropriate than last minute ‘cramming’.

9. Organise periods of relaxation time for yourself. This will help you manage stress and keep a balanced lifestyle during important testing times.



Read each question carefully.

Use the marking scheme as a guide to the time you should spend on each question.

Time allowed: 2 hours plus 15 minutes reading time


SECTION A — short-answer questions

Answer all questions on one or more script books.

All answers should be clearly numbered.


Study the Televest article and answer the following questions.

Televest Proprietary Limited — an emerging global business

Established in Melbourne in 1993, Televest is one of Australia’s newly emerging telecommunications companies (telcos) whose core business activities are in telephony and Internet services. In 1998 Televest was incorporated and has diversified into other lines of business, including multimedia facilities and software development specialising in business-to-business commerce. Presently, Televest:

generates over $485 million in revenue

has operations in three countries

0. employs 1024 people.

The company’s mission statement is: ‘To be a leader in the telecommunications, media and Internet industry in Australia and the Pacific region’. In 1996, Televest decided to establish new markets in foreign countries — to ‘go global’. Management decided to use a similar organisational structure and management style in their overseas organisations — that is, to create a number of ‘mini Televests’ based on the traditional functional management structure.

Televest’s philosophy is that an organisation, to be successful in foreign markets, must be a market leader and challenger, with at least 25 per cent market share. At this level, the business can