Business: Management and Dimension Essay

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1. Executive – Everybody Else: The predictability and reliability of executive management in the eyes of the employees will, in large, determine the loyalty of the workforce in tough times. Unfortunately, many surveys and research studies report that senior management is the least trusted group in an organization.

Three ways to raise the level of this dimension:
1. Open and honest communication to all levels of the company
2. A collaborative approach to the workforce
3. Consistent principles and behaviors

2. Manager – Employee: Research on this dimension consistently reports that employees have a greater level of trust in their immediate supervisor than any other management level in the firm. When a manager’s behavior toward employees is consistent over a period of time, employees can reasonably predict that manager’s behavior. The manager will be trusted at a high level. Managers who have difficulty demonstrating faith in others are typically not highly trusted.

Three ways to raise the level of this dimension:
1. Tell the truth and share honest information, even if it’s to your disadvantage
2. Demonstrate and foster a win-win focus
3. Actively seek feedback

3. Peer-to-Peer: Manager-Manager/Employee-Employee: Where the first two dimensions span the company hierarchy, this dimension explores horizontal interaction. Trust is a foundational piece of teamwork, and the presence or absence of trust can predict the effectiveness of a team or group of peers. This dimension can be greatly impacted by collusion, secret interactions, plots and agreements that undermine and erode authentic, constructive workplace interactions.

Three ways to raise the level of this dimension:
1. Create opportunities for social interaction