Business: Management and Health Educator Essay

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My Career Plan Building Activity
Completing my career plan activity was enlightening and I became more aware of myself as a professional career woman. Some of my career matches included the following: Mortician, Health Educator, Librarian, Bookkeeper, Officer, and Emergency Management Director. This says a lot of the survey because I am a person who loves horror movies, is currently a health educator, who loves to read books, and considered being a police officer out of high school. Plus, I recently graduated with a degree in Occupational Health and Safety. The survey also stated that I was a very social person who enjoys teaching and communicating with others. I also follow instructions well and would do well with demanding jobs.
The raw truth of the survey showed some areas which need improvement on my part. I enjoy reading, but the survey suggests that I work on my research skills. I like to socialize; the survey states I need to learn to take initiative and network more. My goal is to become a business woman in a busy business world. This gives me the initiative to become well-rounded.
Understanding my strengths and weaknesses by using the knowledge that was given to me in this survey will help me to focus my energy on networking, leading, and ability to adapt to change quickly. These are important tools that will help me reach my goal of being a better communicator and some day a great manager. To change my communication techniques so that I can evolve