Business Management: The Negative Behavior Of Management

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Barron (2010) states, "some companies are successful in both their market environment and the social, political, and legal nonmarket environment in which they operate” (p. 1). Markets are places where interactions between sellers and buyers occur. In addition, managers play an important role between the interaction of sellers and buyers. During my commitment with a previous employer I had the opportunity to experience a transformation process of an acquisition from another firm. This transformation process was to strengthen the company with new enlightened activities to look forward to. These new activities were to create opportunities for everyone to better serve the market. Unfortunately, this acquisition was not embraced in a positive way from management. During the acquisition process employees lost their productivity, creativity, and work ethics. The unmanaged and negative behavior of management caused disruption within the market. Our competitors quickly took advantage of the situation formulating and implementing strategic activities that made are profits plunge. Management was not prepared to analyze the issues to develop a framework for success and created an environment of mistrust. Management did not respond to issues strong enough to force the competition out (Barron, 2010). Organized firms and unorganized citizens made it well-known to the community that the company was decomposing.
Since then I have acquired knowledge of business and its environment and found that the acquisition process is much more than simply acquiring a company. It includes many external and internal factors from planning and processing opportunities and addressing issues before they become problems. In this situation, managers were to look at their ideal role at how their behavior could affect both external and internal environments. Managers could have been more cautious about dealing with workers to avoid legal issues of employment law. In addition, issues in the market and nonmarket environment should have been resolved to create opportunities for new services and processes. As I read through this week’s material I realized that this company never took action in the market to create value and improve performance. There were many factors that affected productivity within the organization, but the most important factor was communication.