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Organising Structure: Dubai Delight

Business: Dubai Delight
Product: Restaurant

Assessment Item 3
BSB115 – Management

Narges Rezahi Ghaznawi
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1.0 Introduction 3 2.0 Definition of Organisational Problem 3 2.1 Problem Identification 3 2.2 Critical underlying cause 4 3.0 Analysis of the underlying cause from the given organisation problem 5 3.1 Current Organisation Structure 5 3.2 External Environment 6 3.3 Cause and Ramification of Underlying Issue 6 3.4 Proposed New Organisation Structural and Solutions 6 4.0 Recommendations 8

1.0 Introduction
Dubai Delight is a Brisbane restaurant chain specialising in Middle Eastern foods. The main headquarters
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Employees routinely bypassing the standard chain of command in a company suggest a poor organisational structure (Elsaid, Okasha & Abdelghaly, 2013). Organisations are viewed as systems of interaction, overlapping networks of communication, influence and status (Moch, 1977, p. 4).
The concept of leadership permeates and structures the theory and practice of organisations and hence shapes the nature of organised action and its possibilities. The chain of command clarifies the authority structure of the organisation (Samson & Daft, 2012). The lack of leadership and authority in Dubai Delight has caused the employees’ confusion within the department, as the authority is not vested in organisational positions. The organising process establishes working relationships among employees by assigning them tasks and giving them enough rights (i.e. authority) to perform those tasks (Mahajan, 2010, p. 232). Organisational structure is the process of organising enabling a network of authority responsibility relationships among members of the organisation (Mahajan, 2010, p. 233).
The human resources of any organisation are the key factor determining success (Leoisaac, 2014). With experienced people, organisations can achieve the company’s objectives. Organisation is made of group of people with specific goals, objectives and activities. Organisation structure denotes the