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The article I read was about a revolutionary marketing strategy. The strategy simply involves answering customer's questions online. I describes one mans successful marketing strategy. It begins by telling us the back story which is a business owner named Marcus Sheridan. Mr. Sheridan sells and installs in ground fiberglass pools. In 2009 Mr. Sheridan had 20 employees and his orders were at an extreme decline. Before he was averaging six orders per month then it became barely two orders per month. The article even tells us that there was a period where the company overdrew their bank account three weeks in a row. The company's advertising also took a decline because of the lack of business. He went from spending $250,000 on advertising to one tenth of that.

Mr. Sheridan decided to take a new approach on marketing. He planned on generating sales through informational blog posts and videos, known as content marketing. Because of his change in marketing strategies his business, River Pools, recovered and Mr. Sheridan became a web marketing guru.

In an interview about his success Mr. Sheridan was asked a series of questions about how he made his content marketing successful. The first question they asked him was, "How did you save your company?" His answer included a summary of how search engines work and how most searches are in question for searching for specific answers. So, Mr. Sheridan started a blog on his website than answered all the questions that people could ask about in groubd fiberglass pools. Now, whenever anyone has a question about in ground fiberglass pools Mr. Sheridan's blog shows up with usefull and helpfull answers and a link to his website. The interviewer also asked what the first question was that Mr. Sheridan answered. He said that most often within two minutes of talking to someone about fiberglass pools they would ask how much it costs. Mr. Sheridan did not answer the question directly rather he answered with a broad explanation that fiberglass pools have a wide range of prices ranging from $20,000 to $200,000. Mr. Sheridan was not afraid to answer questions other sellers were skeptical to talk about which included pricing because there are so many accessories and other options involved with fiberglass pools.

Another frequently asked question was, "What are the problems and issues with fiberglass pools?" Mr. Sheridan answered the question in detail exlaining the pros and cons and covering all the problems and issues one could encounter with fiberglass pools in an article. Now, if you are researching fiberglass pools and decided to search what common problems and issues are when dealing with fiberglass pools Mr. Sheridan has an article that will show in your search and…