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How Microsoft Word Can Be Utilized In
Business Marketing

INTRODUCTION AND THESIS Many professionals are required to have a working knowledge of some level of computer packages that companies have. The most widely used is Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint. They are very useful in the professional arena for example, Business Marketing, especially to carry out duties such as research projects and daily business. Word is a powerful word processor. It allows you to format special documents and tables, create form letters, and graphical presentations. It is an essential program for entering and managing text documents. There are many advantages of using Word to complete many tasks. Word is excellent at manipulating text documents because it provides you with an automatic spell and grammar check plus a thesaurus. That way when you use these tools in a professional document there is less chance for error and embarrassment. You can also bold, italic, underline and change the layout of the text. These tools aid in giving the document a better appeal. In Word you can make tables, grafts, insert pictures, shapes and clip art. These are very useful to the writer and aides the reader to see statistical information in a graft or table. Tables can be formatted to contain columns along with a header. Some of the documental needs in the field of Business Marketing are:
• SWOT analysis;
• Marketing plan;
• Brochures, letters and flyers.
For example a SWOT analysis which is an acronym for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. In the SWOT you would need to format your analysis in text, table and graft formats. You will also utilize shading and clip art. All of these tools are very important tools that are provided in Word. It will aide the reader to