Best Western Case Study

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Best Western
The Best Western has been in existence for some years they are known as trashy hotels and are given a bad rap by many occupants. The issue is certain permits are finer than most and others are flat out horrible. **With such a gap in ownership there has been a significant problem with consistency. In order to reward the franchisees who are doing everything right I would propose that the company encourage and reward consumers for posting pictures online of their favorite Best Western stay. This would provide good will and also provide a way to drive consumers to the best locations encouraging other franchisees to do the same in terms of what they are doing for the customer. Pinterest is the newest rage in online photo sharing and would serve as a great platform for the organization to encourage readers to participate and would certainly serve as free advertising for Best Western and all franchisees in a difficult economic period. The company could pick winners on a daily or weekly basis and reward them with hotel stays for their participation. This would be a home run for the company in terms of free advertising and the potential revenue gain.

Given the opportunity I would utilize the marketing approach for Best Western to utilize Pinterest. This particular marketing opportunity is too good to pass up given that the cost if very low in terms of the potential gain. While a ROE is not being provided it is the best option in terms of potentials to