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Online Business Expansion Proposal
Professional Diabetes Center, Inc

Professional Diabetes Center Inc, is an Indiana Corporation located at 803 E. 38th Street Indianapolis, Indiana. PDC (Professional Diabetes Center) is a full service diabetic center that provides diabetic supplies to people with diabetes, throughout the entire state of Indiana.
The company provides diabetic blood glucose monitors, test strips, diabetic shoes and diabetic education to its customers. PDC is a provider for Medicare, Medicaid and several private paid Insurance companies. Being an insurance provider allows the diabetic patients, to pay for their supplies and diabetic education by using their insurance. Professional Diabetes Center also accepts cash and credit cards for payment from people who do not have insurance to pay for their supplies.
The corporation currently does not have and website and is planning to expand its business by creating an online store so customers will be able to order supplies, sign up for diabetic education and get important support information about things going on in the diabetic community.
A1. Professional Diabetes Center is a full service diabetic management center that provides people with diabetes their diabetic supplies, diabetic shoes, diabetic education and diabetic support programs all which help people manage their diabetes. The company is a provider for Medicare and Medicaid, and several private paid insurance companies. Being an insurance provider allows PDC’s customers to pay for their supplies using their health insurance. The company currently does not have a website and it service people throughout the entire state of Indiana. PDC will develop a website to sell its products over the internet. On the company’s website with each product that PDC sales will be show cased and demonstrated on the website. The support material and diabetic education will be a highlighted too, because competitor is not using education as a marketing tool like PDC. The company will sale its products; Blood Glucose Monitors, test strips, and lancets for diabetes to use to test their blood sugar levels. PDC also offer Diabetic education and diabetic shoes to its customers as an added service that all diabetic patients can benefit from. Diabetic education will be a great benefit on the company’s website because its competitors are not talking about diabetic education, and because of all the information in education are words that people use when they are researching diabetes. This is a benefit for PDC when internet users are using search engine and they, Google term like A1C, because that diabetic term is mentioned in the company website it, Professional Diabetes Center will come up, in the search. It is important for PDC to determining the viability of its products and services, in an online environment in order to expand the company’s business. The company will conducted market research, study the competition, and determines if position its products and pricing in the online market will be profitable for the business.
The company’s research showed, according to the American Diabetics Association (ADA) 26.5 million people have been diagnosed as a diabetic, in the United States, and a total of 350 million people in the world who has diabetes. 90% of the people are greater than the age of twenty, and have type II diabetes. There are 1.6 million newly diagnosed cases of diabetes each year. According to ADA, diabetic patients get their diabetic supplies mostly through mail order companies, online medical supply stores or at their local pharmacy. One reason given that people shop all over for supplies, is because they look for better pricing on supplies, due to the fact that most insurance do not cover the full cost of diabetic test supplies. Another important reason is that people like to keep their diabetic illness private and rather have supplies ship to their door.
The diabetic blood glucose monitors and