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Unit 3 – Introduction to Marketing

Describe how marketing techniques are used to market products in two organisations (P1)

In this assignment I am going to be talking about the marketing techniques that are used to market products for two organizations. My organization from the private sector is Curry’s and my organisation from the public sector is The Royal Dock Community School.
Marketing: Marketing is the action a business uses to boost the selling of goods & services to customers, employees and other businesses. It is very important for businesses so they can attract more customers to buy their products and increase their profit.
I have Choose HP laptops as my product
Curry’s: Curry’s is an electrical store in the United Kingdom and Ireland and is owned by Dixons Retail plc. It concentrations on selling home electronics and household appliances; it currently has 295 superstores and 73 high street stores. Curry’s was founded in 1884 by Henry Curry, when he started to build bikes full-time. The business continued to grow and drifted on the stock exchange in 1927. By this time the shops sold a wide selection of goods including bikes, toys, radios and gramophones. Some stores in the UK are now dual branded with PC World. (Wikipedia the free encyclopaedia, 2011, Curry’s,, accessed on 17/09/13)
Branding: Branding is when a product has got the company’s name or logo on it.It could be a mixture of these that is anticipated to classify the goods and services of one business or a group of businesses and to make them look different from their opponents. (Wikipedia the free encyclopaedia, 2011, Branding,, accessed on 17/09/13)
Relationship Marketing: Marketing activities that are aimed at developing and managing trusting and long-term relationships with larger customers. (Business dictionary, 2011, relationship marketing,, accessed on 17/09/13)
The techniques that curry uses to market HP laptops are Ansoff’s matrix which is market penetration, product development, market extension and diversification.

Ansoff’s Matrix:

Market Penetration: Market penetration is selling more products in present markets. The action or fact of growing the market share of a current product in the current markets.
Product Development: Product development is you sell new products in existing markets. The creation of products with new or different features that offer new or extra benefits to the customers.
Market Extension: Market extension is you sell existing products in new markets. Market extension is a marketing term which means the making of a variety of products for a certain brand.
Diversification: Diversification is you sell fresh products in different markets. Diversification is a company’s idea to increase sales numbers from new products in new markets.

For information about Curry’s please check above.
The technique’s that Curry’s uses are Ansoff’s matrix which consists of market penetration, product development, market development and diversification. Also they use branding and relationship marketing.

Market Penetration: Curry’s uses this technique to provide a service which is if customers have an enquire they can go to Curry’s and they will help them to see if they can fix the problem. Plus Curry’s do adverts on television and newspaper on what they have to offer and the discounts that are available at the moment. By using this technique it keeps customers in touch with the company and the company gets more known with its consumers.
Product Development: Curry’s uses this technique to sell more laptops because as they upgrade their software every year which means all the programs on the laptops are up to date when you buy them. Also they create tablets to use which is quicker and faster than a laptop because all