Enterprise Unit 10: Marketing Research And Analysis

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Research in a specific market place
Enterprise Unit 10: Marketing research and analysis This assignment is the BTEC L3 Subsidiary Diploma in Enterprise. Each task requires you to develop and make use of knowledge, skills and attributes that will be useful to you in your educational, personal and working life. All assignments must be in your own words; plagiarism will not be accepted. You may quote other people’s work if it will reinforce what you are explaining in your own words. For this you must use the Harvard Referencing System. Guidance on how to do this is available on Blackboard, or via your tutor. You must ensure all tasks are handed in by the deadline(s). Deadline: 25th February 2013 Scenario: You have gained the 12 month contract within the marketing team to help them think about how to improve aspects of their marketing. To begin with, you have been asked to specifically focus on the business and enterprise courses. Task 1: You have been asked to plan some market research into what would attract more students to undertake business and enterprise courses at the College. To do this you should ensure you to write a plan that shows how you will undertake your research. In this plan you should ensure you include: • At least one piece of secondary research you are going to undertake, how, when and why. • At least one piece of primary research you are going to undertake, how, when and why. • Explain why these are suitable methods of research for the market place in