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One hundred years of solitude
Begins as a flashback with colonel aureliano buendia recollecting the years following the founding of Macondo
Ice is shown by the gypsies
2 of Ursala and Jose Arcadio Buendias relatives gave birth to a child with pig tails
People begin to label the town to facilitate memory loss because Rebecca infects the town with insomnia
Insomnia is cured
War between conservative government and liberals
Liberals lost war court martial order to put mayor Jose Raquel Moncada to death. After execution of mayor, both colonels lose faith in purpose of war
Both Colonels fight battles against own forces to convince the liberals to end war
Jose Arcadio Segundo and his twin brother Aureliano Segundo start sleeping with the same woman, Petra Cortes who doesn’t realize they are not the same person
Disaster strikes at carnival when another queen Fernanda del Carpio arrives by mysterious men who begin a riot firing shots in crowd
Foreign capitalist establish a banana plantation in the village and set up their own fenced in town next to Macondo. Set up own doctoral police force which attacks citizens for slightest offense
Macondo becomes more cosmopolitan; cinema, phonographs, luxury imports, and more prostitutes arrive in town
Mauricio and Meme had a child. Nun takes baby to Ferdinand household. Ferdinand is ashamed of Memes actions. Puts baby in colonels workshop. Baby is named Aureliano (II)
Macondo is placed under martial law. Workers respond by sabotaging plantation. Government responds by gathering workers for a meeting. Tricks them and guards kill workers
Traces of the massacre are washed away by rain
Rain doesn’t stop for almost 5 years.
Rain kills animals that Aureliano Segundo and Petra Cortes bred
Heat wave descends on town
Buendias become poor. They are supported by food from Petra
Jose Arcadio (III) discover sthe gold coins that Ursala has hidden under her bed
No one remembers the Buendias
Aureliano (III) deciphers Melquiddes ancient prophecies
Jose Arcadio Buendia
Found Macondo
Obsessed with magical implements
Immerses himself in scientific study
Married to Ursala, who is his cousin
Frustration with his wife ursala, he begins to explore alchemy
Thinks ice is the greatest invention in the world
Convinced that the same day is repeating itself over and over again so he begins to rage tearing up the house. 20 men drag him out and tie him to a tree where he remains until the end of his life
Dies after years of living outside tied to a tree
Jose Arcadio
Son of Jose Arcadio Buendia
Seduced by Pilar because of his big penis
Impregnates Pilar
Beast of a man, strong, tattoos all over body, impulsive, crude
Dies mysteriously
Married to Jose Arcadio Buendia, who is her cousin
She refuses to have sex with Jose Arcadio Buendia because of the fear of incest
Says Jose Arcadio will become pope
Notices time is flying by very quickly
Going blind but no one notices because she knows where everything is because of daily routines
After Amarantas death, she goes to her own bed and doesn’t wake up for years
Gets out of bed when the rain stops
Dies at more than 120 years old
Son of Jose Arcadio Buendia
He is a silversmith
Falls in love with Remedios
Sleeps with Pilar
Marries Remedios
He is with the liberals. He is known as Colonel Aureliano Beundia.
Becomes leader of liberal party
Leaves Macondo and joins national civil war effort and fathers 17 children
After liberals lose war, he is captured and sentenced to be executed along with colonel Gerrineldo Marquez. He wants sentenced to be carried out in hometown of Macondo. He is saved by his brother Jose Arcadio
Assassination attempt on him makes him realize he is fighting for pride
Starts writing poetry again
Flees country after liberal party signs a peace treaty with conservative government. He take Aureliano Jose with him
Returns to Macondo as the head of the army
Attempts to commit…