Essay on Business: Mcdonald ' s and Unisex Salon

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MacDonald’s and Dimis unisex salon are two completely different companies. MacDonald’s is a worldwide fast food restaurant and is a very well known business. On the other hand dimis unisex salon is a tiny hairdressing shop on Cambridge heath road. MacDonald’s was founded by Richard and Maurice McDonald and dimis unisex salon was founded by women called dimi, I can’t really tell you a lot about her business because it is a sole trader business. Hopefully this table will give you a further understanding of the number of differences in the two companies. Companies: | Dimis unisex salon | MacDonald’s | Product | Hair care | Fast food | Employees | 4 | 400,000 | Revenue | Unknown | 24.075 billion | Scale of business | Local | Worldwide | Ownership | Sole Trader | Public Limited | As you can tell from the graph the scale of both businesses are very different. MacDonald’s has much larger revenue, more employees, and the scale of the business is much larger. MacDonald’s is a much more popular business and has a lot more staff because they get a lot more customers each day which helps McDonalds expand on a daily basis. In terms of ownership both companies have employees to help provide a service and earn a profit. While Dimi cuts hair for her shop the majority of shareholders for MacDonald’s won’t interfere with the production of products.

Furthermore Dimis unisex salon is a sole trader so she will be able to work and manage the business on her own. The demand of customers and finance won’t be too difficult for her to manage on her own. On the other hand MacDonald’s would be impossible to manage on your own. As…