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Date: January 17, 2014

To: Amy Decker

From: Rafael Neri

Subject: Research on Current Conditions in Brazil

As you have requested, I have researched the current economic, political, business and other conditions in Brazil. We can be confident opening up business in this South American country knowing that not only are it’s current conditions strong, but it has a promising future for foreign investors.

Promising Economic Conditions and Growth

Brazil is the largest economy in South America and is one of the BRIC economies together with Russia, India, China and South Africa. In the past few years it has made great strides to raise millions of its citizens out of poverty. Add to that fact that it has reduced the deforestation of its rain forests and introduced other efforts such as oil harvested from newly discovered offshore reserves. (Heritage Foundation)

In 2012, National Public Radio reported that Brazil had become the world’s sixth largest economy, overtaking a stagnant United Kingdom. This was attributed to big growth in agriculture. (NPR) According to the world bank, Brazil is now the world’s seventh largest economy with a population of almost 200 million with most of its citizens living on it’s Atlantic coast. (James) Dilma Rousseff became its first female president in 2011. There is a growing middle class. The 2014 World Cup will challenge the government’s administration ability but also force Brazil to ensure better security and adequate improvements in infrastructure. (BBC)

Brazil’s Corrupt Past is Changing for the Better

The government has vowed to boost spending to placate protesters, but expenditures remain steady at 39.1 percent of the domestic economy. Public debts is about 69 percent of GDP. (Heritage Foundation) President Rousseff is known to favor a strong state role in strategic areas, including banking, the oil industry and energy. (BBC)

All Brazilians are required to vote under penalty of law. While crime is on a downward trend and the government is becoming more honest, Brazil is still the second largest consumer of narcotics in the world, mainly cocaine. (CIA)

American Companies Doing Business in Brazil

A foreign company can apply to open branches in Brazil by submitting an application to the Brazilian government. There are several formalities that have to be fulfilled, including the filing of documentation with the National Department of Registry of Commerce. Taxes are collected at the Federal level, state and municipal levels. There are fees collected for both distribution of goods and services. (AICPA)

Things to remember about business in Brazil include: Provide documentation translated to Portuguese when possible, and never mix up Portuguese with Spanish. (Heritage Foundation)
U.S. clients doing business in Brazil have allegedly been making big profits. The current dollar conversion makes initial investments more costly but also provides higher profitability and dividends in return.(AICPA)

The Power of Tourism keeps Brazil’s Economy Growing

Brazil leads the travel and tourism economy in Latin