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DATE: March 23,2010
Subject: application for position at Accounts

Dear Sir or Madam
I’m writing this to reply to your email concerning a job application for a position in your company. I have currently completed the business edge program.

I’m great at Efficient time management and organizational skills, able to communicate with my colleague and understand people’s needs, Competent with computers and ability to use word and excel, am also able to grasp what I’m being taught, I’m willing to learn and assist others, able to take a leader role by giving clear instruction to be followed. I have the ability to work independently and cooperate with others such as working in teams to solve problems.

I have been waiting for this opportunity for awhile now and knowing that it has finally arrived I’m willing to take any challenge that comes my way to achieve my goal which is to work for your company, I have been through a long process in order to get to this point. I am currently employed at ECU exam marker. I want this job because I have what it takes and the skills that are required to under take this job.

My job Application
This email is in reply to your advertisement in the website dated 17 September, 2010. I am truly interested to be a part of your reputed firm, ICICI in the position of Accounts Executive. I feel that my qualifications as well as credentials are appropriate for the position. Presently I am working as an accountant at